Banquet Entertainment

Get ready to laugh!

This program is sure to leave your audience doubled over with laughter. David selects from his cast of characters, blends in a touch of comedy magic and incorporates lots of audience interaction to create a program specifically designed for your group.

And get ready to pull out those cell phone cameras. For the finale, two lucky guests become the stars of the show as they are transformed into People PuppetsTM. This is always a huge hit.

Seriously silly. Seriously fun.

Keynote and Educational Sessions

Is your staff not living up to their full potential? Do they struggle to remember why what they do matters? Are they no longer having fun? Have they lost their spark?

David Crone is a master at identifying the purpose of our work. He can help you staff see why it matters. He can rekindle their joy in what they do.

David doesn't teach your staff how to do their jobs. He teaches them how to do it better.

Every program is customized and delivered with high energy, passion and laughter. Here are a few starting points:

Competitive Collaboration - Doing more together than we can apart

Do the individuals on your teams struggle to get along? Is your office full of divas who want all of the glory for themselves? Do people in your office believe hoarding knowledge is the key to job security?

In the corporate world, David was well known for breaking down walls, destroying silos, and generally getting people to play nicely together. In this program, David will help your staff appreciate the value of joining together with others. He will answer the critical question, "What's in it for me?"

Performance Leadership - Leadership lessons from center stage

How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice! But, don't stop there. A lot more has to happen before the curtain goes up. You will learn the subtleties that bring success on center stage, and how to apply them to life in the corporate environment. Shine the spotlight on your leaders with this unique program that will take your emerging leaders from chorus line to lime light.

Situational Leadership - Getting things done even if you're not the boss

"You're not the boss of me!" Are you being held accountable for the accomplishments of a group, yet you have no positional authority over the individuals? Are you involved in a group project and feeling frustrated because people can't agree on the next steps? Do you wonder how to motivate people to get things done when you are not their boss?

You will learn specific techniques and strategies you can use to drive a project home, even if you are not the one writing the performance evaluations. Perfect for project managers, team leads, and anyone who wants to experience the joy of a well-run cross-functional team, with or without a title.

Funny Under Fire - Using comedy techniques to bring your systems back online more quickly and with less stress

Seriously. The same techniques that fill concert halls with laughter can be applied to your IT system that just crashed. Techniques like: The Rule of 3; Observation; Smile when you say that; and Practice your skills. This presentation is full of real world examples of systems gone awry, and success stories of how they were brought back online quickly using these techniques. You 24/7 support staff is going to thank you for this one.


Bring the theater experience to your school!

Treat your students to an assembly full of laughter. With a message, or just for fun, your students will be talking about this program long after the puppets have been packed away.

Contact us for more information and a list of current programs.

Customize your event
Have a crazy idea? We love crazy. There are so many ways this cast of characters can make your event awesome. Give us a call. Let's brainstorm.