Seriously Silly! Seriously Fun!

Treat your audience to an evening of FUN!

This full-length program is fun for the whole family. David brings a full cast of characters, blends in a touch of comedy magic and incorporates lots of audience interaction to create a one-of-a-kind program that leaves audiences feeling GREAT! It includes a wide range of content sure to delight all ages, even teenagers!

Plus, in a full theater setting, there are lots of surprises that can only happen on a big stage. Pop the popcorn, raise the curtain, and strap yourself in for a good time.

Audience Interaction

The audience is the star of the show!

The best characters come from the audience itself. Always respectful, we use audience members throughout the show, both on and off the stage. After decades of performing, David has an uncanny knack for interacting on people in a way that makes them feel honored. Whether they are being called onto the stage, or called out in their seats, it's all in good fun - for everyone.

Meet and Greet

Keep the fun rolling after the show!

Invite your audience to stick around after the show for meet & greet! Autographs, photos, it's all about creating a fun event for your audience.


Sample clips

A few short sample clips from various recent performances.

Education / Outreach

Yes, we do that!

Want to treat students to something special? Absolutely! We have a number of programs available for different age ranges, including High Schools.

Promoting your event

We're here to help!

We'll do whatever it takes to help promote David's appearance. TV spots? Radio interviews? Custom video for you to use on your social media outlets? You got it! Just say the word and we'll do what we can to fill those seats.

We have pre-made poster templates ready to go, as well as high resolution images that you can use to create your own. Need something specific? Just ask.

Additional Information for your reference

Technical Rider

Everything you need to know about sound & lighting requirements, video & photography policy, and more.

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Hospitality Rider

No green M&M's required, but providing a few easy things will ensure you get the best performances possible.

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Additional Videos

More videos are available on our YouTube channel. There's sure to be at least one that will put a smile on your face.

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This link will take you to a number of photos. If you need more, or something different, just ask and we'll get you what you need.

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Performer Bio

A bit more background on David. From corner office to center stage.

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