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Ventriloquist Says He Won't Work For Dummies

Summary: David Crone, a renowned comedy ventriloquist who performs at corporate events around the world, says that he will no longer work with dummies. By doing so, he is actually opposing the new bill passed by the Indiana State Senate that allows businesses to refuse service to married same-sex couples.

February 26, 2015 - Columbus, OH: I'm No Dummy Productions LLC has created a new policy in opposition to the new bill passed by the Indiana State Senate, which allows a business to decline service to married same-sex couples. Owner David Crone has announced that he will not work with companies that decline service to clients based solely on their being a same-sex couple.

The Indiana State Senate passed the bill on Tuesday. When contacted, David Crone said, "These companies are the real dummies. While I respect a private business owner's right to choose their clients, I cannot condone that selection being based on bigotry, ignorance and hate." Asked to clarify who he does work for, David said, "My ideal client is a company where the leaders take their business seriously, but who can laugh at themselves. Clearly, these people need help in that regard." He further added, "I believe in equal opportunity laughter."

Others reached at the company expressed their support for the new policy. Edna, who refers to herself as an elderly church-going Christian, said, "My granddaughter is gay. Deal with it." While Edna's husband Wilmer said, "What's next, separate drinking fountains?" In a rare moment of agreement, even Gus, the office curmudgeon, expressed his support. However, his comments were not suitable for print.

About David Crone

David Crone is a corporate entertainer and a comedy ventriloquist. A former IT executive, he left the corner office for center stage. David is known for using the motivating power of laughter to drive home important points. His unique brand of comedy keeps everyone engaged at company events and off-site conferences, allowing the key messages to be remembered long after the event has ended.

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